Saturday, 9 February 2008

SWAP so far on a rail

I assembled my push together wheeled hanging rail (£5, approx $10) and hung on it the items already completed using nice wooden hangers. It looks good and should help me continue to be inspired by the project. You really get a sense of the wardrobe as a whole when they are all together like that.

Obviously the print top second from the back is an extra piece as it doesn't work with the green print, although it is fine with everything else.

Since I took this photo I wheeled the rail back into the sewing room and added more hangers with the partly completed garments.
Partly done are:
  • Self stripe brown pants
  • Brown skirt with orange/gold stripes (extra piece)
  • Green print wrapover blouse

This is a great way to keep the current items off the sewing table, and encourage me to get to them, and make them garments instead of projects!

1 comment:

Alana said...

It looks very "Project Runway" when it's on a rail. I like it!