Thursday, 7 February 2008

Simplicity 4125

I recently bought Simplicity 4125 from Sewing World magazine. They have a deal in the UK with Simplicity to sell on the end of line patterns for £2.75 each which is a good price here so I bought some.
This evening I managed to cut out view A from the leftovers from my skirt. This involved cutting the facing with the print running in the wrong direction and cutting the two front out individually to make best use of the fabric.
One thing you can't tell from the drawings, but is in the directions is an inner ribbon tie and an outer button and button hole keep the blouse closed, the tie belt is then just tied on top. I'm not a frilly girl so would not add the flounces even if I had enough fabric. I'm also not keen on any of the sleeves but my fabric yardage made that choice for me, and I have the extended shoulder with sleeve bands instead!

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