Sunday, 24 February 2008

Painting (sigh)

Have painted two walls of my revamped room and I am pleased with the neutral feel it gives which I think will work well for sewing.
An offwhite colour from Crown called Soothing LOL.
However complete chaos has ensued form this and will get worse before it gets better as I still have to move all the office portion out of the way to paint the walls in that area.

New Look patterns are on sale in the UK at only £2.95 instead of £5.75 ($6 in the sale instead of $11.50) so I went to the sewing store in the next town which sells New Look and picked up New Look 6617 and New Look 6755 whilst the paint dried!

I might use the blouse pattern in the SWAP, though since it has a waist seam and peplum it may need some alterations to the pattern tissue to fit well.
The jacket/coat I plan to use for a mini SWAP type wardrobe in the summer in the Safari style which is popular again this year.

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