Saturday, 26 January 2008

Patterns for the print

One idea for the print fabric was a skirt and blouse with asymmetric lines.
I'd flip the skirt so the seams went the same direction as the blouse diagonal lines.

Second thoughts about the print skirt

I am having slight second thoughts about the green/orange/brown print I included in my SWAP plan. I showed it to my friend last night when she was round and she pulled a face when I said skirt and blouse. I have a UFO to finish first and then a pair of brown pants but the print was then going to be next.
The print is centre far left on the picture below

For the skirt I need to have below mid calf (due to chunky legs) and my two options are slightly flared with side zip or asymmetric panels. For the top/blouse I have a choice of two different wrap/mock wrap blouses. The idea was that the skirt and wrap blouse worn together would look like a wrap dress, but that they could also be worn separately.

Thoughts? I will say that my friend (although dear to me) is very conservative in her dress style, and thought me wearing a burnt orange sweater/scarf with a dark navy pant suit was adventurous. On the other hand my sometimes inappropriate love of colour and pattern has resulted in more than a few UFOs and charity shop donations.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Simplicity 5099 Top in Floral Knit

This Floral Knit top is made from a Viscose knit remnant from Bedford Fabrics in St Helens, Merseyside, UK and cost me 50p. I started this top for the Pattern Review Contest, '1 pattern Multi Looks' but it turned into a UFO. I used the pattern Simplicity 5099 which is for a woven top. I have since lost weight and of course this is a knit not a woven so I shaped the side seams a little taking them in by 1 to 2 inches at different points. I still think the top is a little loose, but I will hold off any more alterations until I've put it through the washer as viscose tends to shrink a little on washing.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Loes Hinse Gore Skirt in brown

Here's the Loes Hinse Gore Skirt in Chocolate Brown which I cut out and sewed today. It took the afternoon and evening, but is quite straight forward.
Although not originally on my SWAP plan, I am going to use it as one of the bottom pieces. Probably instead of the rust cropped pants I had originally planned.
Its a lovely comfortable piece, elegant and comfortable to wear.

new fabric - might use instead

Oh no, I had to go to the sewing shop to get a zip for my brown denim pants, and when I was there I bought this fabric.
I could use this for a knit top or even a dress in the SWAP, but then I would have to take out the green print.
So I probably won't use it even though I am tempted.....

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Simplicity 4699 Top and Pants

Simplicity 4699 Top and Pants are completed. I started working on the pants on Wednesday 16th Jan, but had to stop when I didn't have the zip. I picked that up today and finished the pants.
I made the shell top on Friday 18th Jan in one evening, and gave the hems a little press today before the photo session.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

New Look 6943 Rust Waistcoat

The New Look 6943 Rust Waistcoat is finished. It may be one of my tops in the Timmel SWAP 2008 as it can be worn alone (not sure that I would as that's quite an avant garde look).

The last item I made from this came out too big, so here I used a 14 back and a 12 front and it fits neatly. The fabric is rust herringbone wool from Abakhan fabrics in North Wales, UK and the lining is a remnant of satin from TP Textiles in Warrington, Cheshire, UK.

The wool is very soft and lovely to sew, though it ravels and does not press to a crisp point. The satin is polyester and frayed badly. The satin was pretty horrible to sew, especially where the side front lining attached to the wool interfaced front facing on a princess seam. I chose it because the soft peach tones went so well with the rust, although the fabrics were not a dream match from a sewing perspective. The buttons are soft edged square buttons in antiqued silver tone metal. The idea is that it would help the waistcoat 'connect' with darker toned bottoms.

I started this on Wednesday 2nd January and finished it on Saturday 13th January 2008.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Croquis of SWAP 2008 plus fabric choices

Here is the wardrobe pattern I am using, and also the Croquis of SWAP 2008 and the fabric choices.

Friday, 4 January 2008

teal green with rust/orange

Here's me putting teal green with rust/orange and I like it :-)