Saturday, 20 October 2007

Pattern Company jacket Muslin V2

Which is better?
Left (without hemlime trim) or Right (with hemline trim?)

I retraced the pattern as a 42, and whilst I kept the back and sleeves as is, I altered everything else.
First I recut the side fronts so they are straighter, I think they need to come around further and I will alter that in the next version.
Second I redrafted the hood and front panels piece so that it is a collar cut on the fold and not a hood at the back, the whole thing is narrower across the shoulders and down the front and straighter.
It now does not go around the bottom which is instead a narrower applied piece (not sure about this). Left is without, Right is with - which is better?
I replaced the deep fluted cuffs with smaller less curved ones which I do prefer.
I left the seam open on the cuffs, which again I'm not sure about.

I do much prefer this version to my first attempt, although I wonder if its a bad length now, finishing at my widest part. s the left better for this?


Debbie Cook said...

I prefer with the hemline trim. I think the longer overall length is more flattering in general and I like the pretty trim addition.

RuthieK said...

Thanks Debbie, all the feedback says the longer length is better, although some prefer it as lengthened bodice pieces rather than an applied trim piece.

Nancy W. said...

Your jacket turned out nicely, either with or without the trim. At first glance, I thought "Without!" but the more I look at it, probably the longer length is better. I guess that means it's a winner either way!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Ruthie ~ I like the shorter length better but it could just be that I am seeing so many shorter jackets that my eye is just tuned that way now!

Annette said...

Either way is a winner, but I prefer the shorter length. :o)

LauraLo said...

Me too, me too! Preferring the shorter length, I mean. It seems to me it goes better with the style of the jacket.
And you seem to have lost a lot of weight, good for you! My mother is on a diet or another since I can remember therefore I think I know better than most people what a great effort losing weight is and what a strong will you need for that. So once again, bravo!

Audrey said...

I prefer the shorter length. Your legs look so much longer with the shorter jacket. My initial thought when I saw that picture was wow! Ruthie has really lost a lot of weight.

Anonymous said...

I also prefer the shorter length! It stretches your body.