Sunday, 21 October 2007

Berry Tones - ideas?

As you can see from the last post I picked up the wool mix fabric to try to come up with some coordinating ideas for the other fabrics shown with it.

A is the wool mix. It is more purple one side and more burgundy the other side. I bought 2 metres of 150cm wide.
B is a wool jacket fabric - only 1 m
C is same wool in different colour - just under 1m
D is a stretch wool mix suiting again only just over 1m
E - is a mixed fabric, I think some sort of upholstery fabric which I initially planned on making into a coat, but not sure anymore.

The problem with B, C and D is that there is not enough of any of it to make pants or a jacket.
C and D are beautiful together colourwise. B and C could sew up into the same garment as its the same fabric.
A has tones of all but does it work with them?

Latest thoughts are
Jacket in A, Skirt in B, Waistcoat (Vest) in C and cropped pants in D. C and D would be quite fashion forward for me but I reckon I could pull it off.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie,
I just love the colors you show! The pinkish (non-purple) side of the woolmix looks great with all the others on my monitor. I also think the idea of a vest and skirt of those woolfabrics sounds good. But I would rather tend to using the grey for the skirt (as it combines easier with tops)and the coral for the vest. Maybe (if there is enough left) a sixpanel-skirt in grey with coral piping? And in return grey piping with the vest?
I thought about making a vest this time, but threw it out of my storyboard for now. I hope to make one anyway (and wear it with the Swap), as I think, just as you said, it is trendy and I want to improve my wardrobestyle. Go for a vest, I´d love to see it!

RuthieK said...

The 'grey' is really greyish purple but photographed weird for some unknown reason. And the 'coral' is a burgundy. Obviously had some glitch with the camera on that one.

RuthieK said...

Hi Morzel, can you tell me which one you mean by the letters? I can't work out what you have in mind, but I am very interested in the ideas you have.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see, could also be my monitorcolorsettings... C seaming to be a rather more neutral color (and I guess greyish purple still is sort of neutral), I would take that as a bottom for easier matches (usually there are more difficult to match top-fabrics) and make a colorful vest (this case B). It does make finding tops for underneath the vest more difficult, though. Provided there is somehow enough fabric of B leftover after cutting a vest(and given that B and C look good together) I would think about making up a (6)paneled kneelong skirt of C, putting in piping made up from B inbetween panels. I am just thinking about this for a black/white scheme (not sure, if it is going to be a white skirt with black panel or vice versa). The colors you use (burgundy with greyish purple and grey) sound absolutley wonderful! And hey - as sewers we do develop (me slowley, but I do) our dressingstyle, so go for this vest!!

RuthieK said...

Hi Morzel, thanks for those thoughts I love to get new ideas/perspectives and I will let you know what I make in the end!