Sunday, 30 September 2007

Simplicity 4971

The Timmel SWAP (starting in Jan) has a twist each year, and Julie has just published the one for this year.

6. 2008 Twist – Three garments must be made from one "wardrobe" pattern.
You must make three uniquely different garments from that pattern; making one type of garment three times will not qualify.
These patterns are available from all the major pattern companies and they usually include a jacket, dress and/or skirt, pants, blouse or top. For our purposes, any pattern with at least three different garments that work together will be counted as a "wardrobe" pattern.
The patterns labelled "wardrobe patterns" often have 4 or 5 garments in them; but as long as the pattern has three different garments, it will qualify. The purpose of this year's rule is to encourage making the best use of a pattern; in other words, work it for what it is worth. The other 8 garments can come from any other pattern or patterns or be self-drafted.

I had a good look through my patterns and decided that Simplicity 4971 has the most wearable items in a package together, a lot of the others I only liked one or two items in the envelope.

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