Sunday, 30 September 2007

Simplicity 4971 - garments

So I plan to make the short jacket, the pants and the shell top from this pattern.
as I am actively losing weight with Weight Watchers over the period of the contest another reason why I like this pattern is the alterability.

The jacket can be taken in on the princess seams, the pants have a back zip and facing and can be taken in at the side seams.
The simple shell top can be taken in on the side seams or the centre back seam, or is so quick to sew that I would just sew it again in a smaller size!

In addition to this I need to sew 3 more bottoms (skirts/pants) and 5 tops where at least 2 are blouse style not simple tees.

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Cherie said...

That is a pretty classy pattern, I think your items will be terrific. Will you use the color scheme from a few days ago to make these items? I guess Julie will allow you to "pre-made" items before the contest starts, so way to go!! And the WW also, way to go!