Thursday, 20 March 2008

Crinkle Fabric

I want to make a collared wrap over blouse from crinkled fabric.
The pattern is New Look 6252 and the fabric is a burnt orange and gold crinkle polyester fabric.
How should I approach the collars and cuffs etc?
Should I iron some of the fabric flat and use that for the collar/cuff/facing, or somehow try to fuse whilst maintaining the crinkle?
How do you keep the crinkle when assembling? What about pressing seams, hems etc?

I would appreciate any tips you might have to share on this, because I really want to make this wrap top for my SWAP :-)


Ann said...

Ruthie, try a piece of the fabric by ironing on the interfacing and then washing it to see if the crinkle comes back. When I have used it and seersucker, I usually have flat fabric when I am done.

I noticed your eyelet fabric. I just finished 2 western shirts in that excat eyelet design and love them. Also the Hutterite girls I teach are making their blouses out of that fabric and they are looking great. Good choice.

sdBev said...

Instead of ironing, do the pressing thing. Press, lift move to next area press lift repeat

Anonymous said...

Ruth, I made a dress from crinkle fabric. I ironed the fabric (it is not completley flat then, but is not crinkly either) and then fused interfacing to the collar, collarstand, cuffs and front facing. When I finished the dress, I just made it wet and "crushed" it, the crinkles were back in (because you iron the dress while constructing anyway, so even the body is unwrinkled). The collar and such is not as crinkly, but you can see the crinkle lines and so you don´t notice the difference. And the facing is anyhow on the inside. My fabric was a crinkle viscose/cotton blend. You can see the dress on my blog, a purple shirtdress.