Monday, 10 December 2007

Jacket Length

When I sorted through my fabrics to see what matches what (and stuff that matches in the evening doesn't in daylight :-( ) I found some rust print home dec fabric which I think I will make into a sample longer jacket to see how it works on me.
I'm away with work 2 days this week so can't see doing a lot of actual sewing, just dreaming....

Here's the Vogue 2939 wardrobe which I am also going to make. The jacket, blouse and pants are the most useful to me I think as the skirt and dress lengths would be hard for me to wear without alteration (ie making them longer) but maybe that would mess with the whole proportions thing?

Also one or two blouses from New Look 6513, and another blouse from a vintage pattern, plus a little waistcoat and another pair of pants - I nearly have a plan!


Cherie said...

Hi, I've been reading your posts on artisan square's Swap II forum, love the thinking part of all of this. I do like this wardrobe pattern, very classic, simple lines, will look great in your colors and tops with the cute detail!

RuthieK said...

Thanks Cherie, keep reading and you'll see what I actually sew. Sometimes I don't think it'll look quite so svelte in a size 16!