Thursday, 22 November 2007

SWAP lack of progress :-)

I've not progressed with my SWAP at all. My worry is that if I sew something now it'll be too big and a waste of time. I have lost 20lbs at this point and I'm already having great trouble finding things to wear for work, and I plan to lose another 20lbs by about the end of SWAP in the Spring.

Trying to analyse it a bit more the problems is really with bottoms - pants and skirts fall off the waist and rest on the hips if they are too big. So I suppose I can sew pants and skirts as long as I choose ones with waist facings and centre back zips and construct them so they are easy to alter at the sides going forward.
Tops seem to be restrained by the fact that my shoulders and back are almost as wide as before just more defined, and I need more waist shaping.
So I could make tops which fit OK now and just need the waist area shaping a little bit later.

And of course this needs to fit with the wardrobe pattern too. I am currently looking at Vogue 2939 which would be OK if I put the zips in the centre back.

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